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Hey Guys! I'm Adriano, Swiss professional sailor. 

Since 2013 I'm racing in the Moth class, an high Performance dinghy sailed by the best athletes worldwide. 

During the years I improved my skills joining as many races as I could, including 3 World Championships, two European Championships, and 3 Euro Cups. 

The 26th November 2014 I started working at KA Sail Australia as Europe Division Manager. 

KA Sail is one of the best company worldwide for racing dinghy design. The MACH 2 and the WASZP are two of the most famous KA productions. 

In 2015 I joined the TeamDataLog project (TDL), a web based software who offers a complete comparative analysis based on qualitative and quantitative standardised information records to empower your sport performance. 
TDL is now online and ready to be used by other athletes.