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An other waszp demo

I'm keeping going with the marketing of the Waszp. I'm very proud of this project. Thanks a lot to Marveglia Skiffsailing in Dongo (Italy) for hosting 47 people who sailed the waszp for the first time! 

EuroCup Act 4! 3 Races 3 podium, Great Summer!

This is absolutely the best season since the beginning of my sailing career! This summer I joined 3 international races and in every competition I held the podium!

For this leg of the EuroCup we where in Punta Ala, Italy, and we had 3 days of sailing, in the first two we had to fight with lot of waves and in the last one with marginal wind. 

German Championship, an other podium!!!

43 sailors, great weather, beautiful landscapes and 12 races in 3 days! What could I ask more?

I did a very very good 3° overall, very close to Marco Lanulfi (at the second place) and just one point in front of Max Maege, very talented sailor from Bayern. 
I'm very proud of this result, Fighting hard and stay focused was the key of this success! Thanks to Giancarlo Pedote for the grat coaching session! 

Italia Cup Lovere! First place! Yeah!

I did an hard fight against Marco Lanulfi to win this race. We had just one day of racing due to high risk of storm on Sunday. 
The key of my success was a very constant speed and an eavy attention to the wind patterns. I think that my speed upwind could be a bit better. Very happy of the speed downwind. 

The foiling Week and the WASZP

With my colleagues at KA Sail Australia I worked on the WASZP project.A new boat, based on the model of the moth, sigle hand dinghy with foils, very easy to transport and light. The goal of the Waszp is to offer a foiling experience to everyone, young sailors, beginners athletes, Sunday sailors or Corinthian and professional racers. 

An unlucky European Championship

After 6 months away from home for training and business I'm finally back at home! However the break is short, I just have time to pack my luggage again before to drive to France for the European Championship. 

2016 World Championship

Here we are, after 3 years, 2 World Championship, 3 EuroCup and more than 300 days on the water it is time for the 2016 World Championship! 

Japan National Championship

 Before the World Championship we joined the Japanese national Championship. 

Two days of light wind with more than 60 sailors. Very hard to start an pick the right gust to gain some positions upwind. 

I'm proud to finish 12 overall.


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