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2016 World Championship

Here we are, after 3 years, 2 World Championship, 3 EuroCup and more than 300 days on the water it is time for the 2016 World Championship! 

My goal was to be into the top 20. 
On the first day of racing we mad two races with light wind. It is very hard so start and so I get a 20 and 13. 
In the following 3 days the weather conditions changed a lot: wind up to 25 kn and waves, big waves. My training in Australia proved to be very useful. I did many races around 12 and 13.
For the last two days the wind dropped again and many sailors not so good in waves had the chance to improve they results. 
However I finished the race at place 14. Very proud of myself. Top 15 is just awesome for a moth race! 
Next year in Garda I have to target the top 10!
Now I know that my boat is very fast, my moth skills are solide and I'm finally able to race with the bests. For next year I have to focus on myself, on my psychological and tactical skills and on my fitness. 
After a so good result I can only be more and more motivated to sail fast and harder to the next goal!
Many thanks to my sponsors and to my colleagues of KA Sail in Melbourne for the great support!