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The foiling Week and the WASZP

With my colleagues at KA Sail Australia I worked on the WASZP project.A new boat, based on the model of the moth, sigle hand dinghy with foils, very easy to transport and light. The goal of the Waszp is to offer a foiling experience to everyone, young sailors, beginners athletes, Sunday sailors or Corinthian and professional racers. 

The waszp is cheaper (around half of the price of a MACH 2), easier to setup and use, require less technical skill, less training and maintenance compare to a moth but is still very good, performance is just a small percentage less than a MACH 2.
Those spech made the waszp perfect to have fun, learn, race in one design class and enjoy the ocean, in every condition.
After years of design, prototype and tests the WASZP is finally ready to be launched!
Today at The Foiling Week in Malcesine we have the first WASZP race of the history followed by free boat demos for everyone. 
For the boat tests we already have around 100 people booked.
That's an huge success for our work, I'm very proud of what we did!